Making it to PENANG.

It is a good thing we ended up in Amy's apartement there in KL. Within an hour she manages to plan our trip (that at this point in time is  very mañana mañana) a month ahead, bringing us through Malaysia, across Java onto Bali and eventually ending up in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. (All for a total amount of about 1'200 SEK. Kaching! Amy - you should start a travel agency.) So that is how we, on Tuesday morning, were found on the bus from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. Which turned out to be quite the ride... 

In a perfect world, this trip is supposed to take four hours. This being our first bus ride on the continent - we naively believe in this. Four (six) hours on a bus that feels like it will fall apart any minute. E throws up twice before we even reach the half way stop; after which my nausea catches on. Perhaps it's a week of too much spicy food, or my dodgy "take away"-coffee from the meal break (see photo below). Regardless - it is far from pleasant to, at every bump of the road (and believe me, there were quite a few!), feel like you're gonna do your pants. When the driver stops to refuel at a petrol station, somewhere along the five hour and a half-mark, me and Emily are literally racing to the petrol station bathrooms. Never have I been so happy to see a squatting toilet! At the 6th hour we finally make it into Georgetown and had thereby officially survived our first proper SEA bus ride.


Somehow this is not what I imagined when he asked whether I wanted to "take away" my coffee. A doggy bag! Perhaps my one favourite part of the trip.


Spending a rainy afternoon up Kek Lok Si - only the largest buddhist temple of SEA.


 My future dream house *insert heart-eyed emoji*

Stills from the Old Protestant Cemetery in town.

A photo diary from pretty pretty George town can be found here.