How I (literally) spent my afternoon.


My Wallet and I tend to disagree on some subjects. Such as, what a decent student budget is… Sometimes pounds seem a bit like monopoly money to me. As the numbers of the prices in themselves are bound to be lower than that of the Swedish Krona, the bargain-detector in my brain is on a constant “ping! ping! ping!”. One would think I should have learnt after all these years in the UK…

Ah well, sometimes ignorance is bliss. Let me show you what I got with my monopoly notes:


It was actually time to top up on this heavenly-smelling Lush conditioner and as I have not bought a proper face wash since my last one finished around Christmas, I figured it was time to invest in something.

It came down to Herbalism and I am so excited to try it out this evening!


I LOVE charity shops in the UK – especially when they contain Murakami books! This is the 3rd and final part of 1Q84, that I read last year. It was merely 50 pence. Even I can agree with the bargain-detector on that price!


I will be honest, I have no intention to read this copy Star Wars - I simply bought it for the beautiful cover. Look!! And "with 16 pages of fabulous colour"! Bargain-detector much?? Haha. I will probably just end up giving it to Julien for his birthday.

There we have it, how I spent my afternoon in a double sense.