I definitely have tendencies towards a rather troublesome mind (makes me immediately think of this song) but I have a few tricks that really helps and that I will share with you down below. Today I have had a particularly relaxed day,  ticking four boxes from the list! √

Write it out.
Writing journals since '99 (or whenever I learnt to write). Especially when I have trouble sleeping, I will write down whatever is on my mind and as the thoughts are safe in the ink, they ease from my mind.

My best window-shopping. Stroke along the covers, smell the books, read the synopsis. Dream of one to bring home.

Organize things alphabetically.
Mild OCD-warning on this perhaps.

Chamomile tea.
Enjoying a cuppa as we speak. Chamomile helps to aid insomnia, along with a range of other ailments.

A busy kitchen.
Ironically, the more pots and pans in motion, the calmer I get.

My boyfriend stocks up on these whenever he cans, as they aid sleep. They also aid mild anxiety. I have started to take them too, for that reason. At first I really disliked the smell, but it starts to grow on me.

Put on loud music and sing/dance along. Pretty self-explanatory. 

A walk on the wild side.
Nature!!! <3456789 A hike in the forest or watching the waves crash against the shore. What else do you need in this life?

Head out on the highway.
Looking for adventure. In whatever comes... Just kidding, but I do LOVE to drive. I find it extremely therapeutic. Loud music. Friends or solo. Miles of asphalt road ahead.

I am no natural deep breather, so focusing on my inhalations really helps to calm me down.

⇒ What are your best ways to calm down?

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Who killed Creativity?

The other night I went to a Poetry Slam in a cosy little venue here in Aberdeen, the Blue Lamp. It was  an event organised in collaboration by the university's Feminist-, LQBTQIA+ and Creative Writing Societies. I was completely in awe by all the talent and bravery of the people stood on that stage. Still the next afternoon I was buzzing with the energy from the event.

But already at the event, a voice in the back of my head was like "why do you never to these kinds of things anymore?"


 Not that I was ever a poetry slammer, but I rarely feel that FLOW of creativity as I remember from a few years ago. Writing haikus, writing short stories, cutting and pasting, my fingers covered in a thin film of dried glue, always carrying my DSLR along as extra weight in my backpack.

The past days I have been thinking about what it may be that has interrupted me, or my creativity. The things that sprung into my mind were my depressive episode or perhaps how I am somewhat lost in translation; constantly between two languages (three now even), or perhaps my creative process simply looks different nowadays?



But the most apparent reason, and one I often find myself debating with my friends, is that of all the fast-paced distractions we find ourselves in the middle of. This hurricane of technologies that has increased at such rapid speed in only a few years time. Now it is more common to have a laptop than a desktop computer and we bring our devices (or distractions) with us wherever. Take this from the girl who finds spending a few minutes on the loo a drag were she to forget to bring her phone.

There are so many fewer pauses. Darn it, there are hardly any pauses at all. Remember as a kid, how if there was nothing to do that was never really a problem, you would simply make something up. Not mindlessly scroll down the facebook-feed with a dead look in your eyes.



I need to create more spaces. More pauses.

What are your ideas on this? Do you have any tricks to keep creativity flowing?