7 reasons to ditch the tampons.

Every once in a blue moon, I catch someone doing it. I recognize their movements as they hide something in their fist and in a rapid pace walk off to the bathroom.I know because I used to do exactly the same. Tampon smuggling!

Jokes aside, I have been meaning to write a post like this for a while now, because ever so often  I get the realization that everyone, including many of my friends, have not taken part of this little revolution - the one of using a menstrual cup just yet.

This post is dedicated to you, but and to the wee product that has completely revolutionized my periods. Below I have listed 7 reasons why you should ditch the tampons and come join us!

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It saves you money. 
→ The average woman ends up using about 11'000 tampons in a lifetime, whereas one menstrual cup has a life expectancy of 5-10 years. That keep plenty of £$€  in your wallet!

It is environmentally friendly.
→  Plastic wraps, paper boxes, brochures and whatnot... The amount of packaging for these disposables produce enough waste to fill an entire dump truck during your period years!

It is safer to use. 
→ The cup does not contain any BPA's, Chlorine or other nasties you wouldn't want to shove up there!!! Nor does it interfere with your natural happenings down there - hence it will not dry you out!

It holds more fluid.
→ A menstrual cup holds on average 5x the amount of a tampon. And thus do not have to rush off to the ladies room as often (while trying to hide a tampon in your hand) you can sleep ~safer~.

It makes you more aware of your body. 
→ Suddenly you know exactly how much blood leaves you day-by-day through your period. Personally I found this one rather fascinating, this phenomena had been going on for years and I never knew?!

It equals COMFORT. 
→ Not only is the cup suitable for any day of your period (which means less jiggling around with what size tampon to use - super this, mini that) but when inserted correctly you will not even notice it is there!

It saves space. 
→ This goes for both your bathroom cupboard and your bag. The cup takes minimum space when traveling. Especially for myself as a backpacker, who wants to use valuable bag space for tampons and pads? Not me thank you very much!

I will give you a bonus one, and take this from someone who used to work extra as a cleaner, few things smell as horrendous as the coagulated blood on your disposed tampon.

I have used my mooncup for about two years now and, like I mentioned above, it has facilitated my periods so much! Sure I will admit to thinking it was a bit tricky at my first go, but let's be real - 11 year old me was not exactly a natural born tampon pro either. If that attitude prevents one from trying new things, that goes for a fairly meager life.

What are your thoughts on cups vs. tampons?