SINGAPORE (or 'A reason to finally use that UK adapter I've carried along for the past 13 months')

Oh, that rush of being in a brand new city. Especially when the city in particular offers you a great variety of Indian street grub within walking distance - I made sure to get my dose of dahl and naan at least once a day, living close to the bazaar in Lt India.

-- So this is Singapore, or "a reason to finally use that UK-adapter I've carried along for the past 13 months."


Singapore turned out to be my stopover on my way from Perth in Australia to Chiang Mai in Thailand. Partly because Airasia offers good deals between the two, but mainly to see my friend Resha that we met about a year earlier while in Indonesia.


I spent most parts of my days hanging about Chinatown. I made plans to go elsewhere, but this is always where I would end up. It didn't take long to realise why I was seemlingly the only person who used my legs as a mean of transportation in the city. Humidity, my friend. Intense and intrusive humidity.


In a way, it's a shame me and Resha are not dating. Why? Because we always seem to end up doing real romantic shit.
Like this one evening when we take a walk around the Gardens by the Bay and we decide not to enter (as it's damn expensive!) but as it turns out there's a free light show starting just then. Afterwards we decide to head inside for some food, but the rain catches us and we have to seek shelter under a parasol-like seat to lay down on my rucksack to chat about anything and everything.
I mean, come on??? I never do such romantic things on actual dates... 


Singapore is a lot of interesting and impressive architecture, but far too crowded for my liking. And did I mention the humidity? No?