A weekend with Mum & Dad_Pt 1: Stonehaven and 3 course meals.


Last weekend these two travelled across the North Sea to spend the weekend with me. Mamma and pappa!!! On the Saturday we took the bus out to Stonehaven.


On the Saturday we took the bus out to Stonehaven...


... which is an adorable little fishing town about half an hour away from Aberdeen. This particular Saturday there was a carnival held at the city square.

It was of course far too crowded for us northern Swedes so we took the path down to the harbour.


We proceeded up a hill...

... and reached the path to wander out towards Dunnottar Castle.

... and reached the path to wander out towards Dunnottar Castle.


Passing by coconut-smelling flowers...


... and grass-munching beauties.


By the time we actually reached the castle, we did not really feel like paying the entrance fee to enter (me and Julien already went a few months ago and both felt like the surroundings were the better part of the experience). So instead we ate our packed lunch and watched the castle and its tourits from a distance.


Afterwards we decided to be adenturous and climb down the steep hills to that gate through the cliff as you can see on the right. 


Yes, this one!!


I took this and showed my mother saying "you can go back to Sweden and claim we took a quick visit to Austria".. I mean, how Sound of Music does this not look??


  Then it was definitely time for a strong cuppa coffee, so back to Stonehaven we went.

Back in Granite City, I cooked up a 3 course-meal including the sweet potato and black bean burgers with the infamous mango + ginger salsa. Holy yum!

The following day we walked around Aberdeen and I got a sunburn on my nose, but that will be a post for another day.

Dawn of the Nettles | Nettle Powder + Nettle Crisps.

If you saw some shady character wandering around Aberdeen in pyjamas and a plastic bag full of weeds the other day - it was probably just me with my nettle harvest.

My goal for the day was to dry the nettles to create my very own "superfood"* powder without loosing half my wage at the same time, but while I was at it I also stumbled over a recipe of nettle crisps (similar to kale crisps), so that is what the bigger leaves got used for.

(And FYI, it is not actually a pyjamas, they are just funny looking pants!)


You see nettles are full of iron (extra good for us veggies), vitamin B & C (and probably other vitamin-letters too!) and works anti-inflammatory. Basically, this plant has a pretty neat CV.

But best of all is the price, aka the nonexistent one. Forget about those multivitamin powders that have traveled around the world to reach your grocery store shelf and cost a minor fortune. All you need to invest here is a bit of time.

Nettles can be used pretty much as you would use spinach or kale - in soups, pestos, salads, smoothies, fried with garlic - or with crisps as you will find further down in this post.


First off the nettles are going to need a good wash. You may do this by filling up a bucket of water and rinsing the leaves in there. I just filled up water in the kitchen sink, drained them and then repeated the process yet another time. Then pat them dry using a bit of kitchen roll/towel. 


For the NETTLE POWDER I left them to dry slowly in the oven on 50°C for about 2-3 hours. When the leaves were dry enough, I simply put them in my coffee grinder that transformed the nettles into this fine dark green powder pictured above.


To make the NETTLE CRISPS: 

  •  larger nettle leaves
  • oil, like olive or coconut
  • nutritional yeast
  • cayenne pepper
  • garlic powder
  • salt

The amounts will vary depending on how many crisps you wish to make and you can of course opt out and add ingredients as you wish.

  1. Put the oven on 175°C.
  2. Toss the nettles with the oil and seasonings so that all leaves have a light cover.
  3. Divide the leaves evenly on a piece of baking parchment, making sure they are all separated from one another.
  4. Bake for about 15 minutes, until the leaves feel crispy.

Y voila! My boyfriend turned out to be a big fan of these green things, over half the batch rapidly vanished as he has been incorporating them in both salads and sandwiches. Definitely a more food like kind of crisp!

For more edible weeds, check out: > How to make Dandelion Syrup | in 6 simple steps.

A long overdue Introduction.

I have just updated my “about me” page, I figure now that we are a couple of months in to this blog, it is time for me to introduce myself properly! I decided to copy paste it into a regular post too, you know, in case I want to change my about-page in a wee while it would be fun to still have this in the archives!


My name is Linnea, only about the most common name amongst us early 90's kids back in the motherland. In the English speaking world however, it sometimes creates confusion.

But as one very wise Irish man once said, on a beach resort at Kho Phangan, after a few pronunciation-attempts (and fails) "Ahhh, so it is like LINEAR but without the R? Why didn't you just say so!" so alors, I am saying it now!

I grew up in a small village in the north of Sweden with a backyard consisting of thick fir forest and the ocean a mere kilometre away. I suppose the setting suited me perfectly, as I was very shy as a child. I much preferred my own company, getting caught up in some book, writing tiny novels or making radio shows on the tape recorder with my best friend, than the brutal unpredictability that other kids could impose.


I have blogged sporadically for about 8 years now, like most of my fellow Swedes I reckon. This blog came into being as I was sat writing this post, but in Facebook-album format, and realized that I really missed having a place to collect my photos and ideas on.


Travelling is my big love. When I was about 10 I started an exchange of letters with my oldest cousin, 24 years my senior. Through postcards of a Tokyo in full cherry bloom or an Irish necklace for good fortune, she would create a passage for the world to come through all the way to my post box up in the woods of the north.  Of course I did not know it then, but I believe these letters are part of what strives me in my unsaturated curiosity of this world we live in.


I have always loved to get creative in the kitchen, hence food is a big part of this blog. Ironically, I used to be such a real fussy eater as a kid,  pasta and ketchup was pretty much what my diet consisted of. These days I will eat just about anything. Except meat of course. Having been a vegetarian for years, I am aiming to eat as much vegan as possible – and so all recipes on this blog are veganproof.


I am really good at imitating accents (although my boyfriend claims I do a terrible French one), I hate to make official phone calls and I am a compulsive coffee drinker (a very Swedish trait). I like to explore google maps street view-function and I constantly doodle in my notebooks. Oh, and I love using parentheses! (Like a lot.)


At present I reside in Aberdeen where I study Art History and French, and this year with some Sociology on the side. Despite the seagulls stealing your food and the oftentimes miserable weather, Granite City grows on me everyday.

There we have it! If you have any queries at all, do not hesitate to drop me a line in the box below!

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