King’s College looking all glorious in the early morning sun a while ago

King’s College looking all glorious in the early morning sun a while ago

Oh gosh, I have been sat all afternoon with the laundry basket as my desk (which FYI is not that great ergonomically) in attempt to compose a Letter of Motivation for Erasmus. The deadline is tomorrow. Of course I have been quite aware of this date - circulating it with arrows in my diary and all - but no, I have to sit down last minute. In true student tradition. While I jotted my way through all the cheesiest of cliches, I was chatting with a mate from uni going through the same scenario. We were joking about what it would look like if we wrote an actual honest application. For me, I reckon it would be somewhat like this:

"The following is a list of particular skills I possess. 1) Procrastinating. This letter for instance is a work composed the night before deadline. Take this as proof of my creativity. 2) Furthermore, I am a compulsive TV-show binge watcher. The past month alone I have watched circa five seasons of Modern Family. Such a task requires a great deal of commitment, and is thus evidence on my strong character."

Then to finalize, I will go Vive la France. Bulletproof, ey! Ach, pardon my lousy humor. This is what a few hours of word vomiting would do to anyone. On another note: we are moving! Not across the country this time, but a few blocks away. Circa 300 metres walk away from Campus <3 <3 <3 Here's to a mold-free life! And a weekend full of fun French such as the Subjunctive rule! *raises my mug of chamomile tea*

Aberdeen Beach.

A few weeks ago I had an stroll along the esplanade. The afternoon was remarkably beautiful. The sun left beautiful pastels over the North Sea on its way down and big waves were crashing against the shore.  Every other step I had to stop and just stare at them in awe. Nothing fascinates me as the ocean, really, nor does nothing calm a troubled mind as the ocean.


I mean, just look at that beauty! (I also made about a thrillion videos, two ended up in slow motion on instagram)


The weather forecast promises a sunny Aberdeen all week. Outside looks like this:

Although that creates the perfect setting for coffee shopping, only my favourite kind of shopping. After working one and 3/4 full time the past month my inner diva is in a constant TREAT YOSELF-mode, so despite how I should be a mindful of my budget entering student life - off to a coffeeshop I went. I hereby pronounce the search for Aberdeen's Best Café begun. First up:

Food story on Thistle Street, just off Union Street. I found this place via happycow. It must have boomed in popularity the past years because it looked way more modest on tripadvisor than what we found after our walk across town. But with such a winning wholefoods concept, it's clear to see why.

The main thing for me, really, is to find a decent place with good coffee and vegetarian/vegan options on the menu. Food story ticks the boxes, big time.

I had a salad with sweet potato and chickpeas, which some genius thought to add peanuts in. Added perfect crunch to the yummness. Along with the salad I had half a vegan wrap (one deal goes salad + wrap = £5.50!) with the same salad plus a lentil paté. Also squeezed desert in there; a tiffin-like cake to enjoy along with the coffee. 

More than the sweet potato (and I really love sweet potato) I enjoyed the interiors. Granny lamp-shades meets industrial lightning and rough wooden tables with mismatching sets of chairs. It would be the ideal study-hangout if it weren't for the fairy loud music. But perhaps that's more noticeble around lunch time, when the place was already fairly packed. We had to queue to the till but no longer than a few minutes, it all went very smooth.