try everything once,
and the fun things twice


i'm linnea. a 24 year old swede. quiet rebellion of social expectations. hummus sapiens and globe trotter. i feed on sarcasm, coffee and terrible puns (like the manusscript of buffy the vampire slayer!!!). I also tend to abuse the limit of brackets ---.

travelling is my big love in this life. from age 10-or-so I started to exchange letters with my eldest cousin. through post cards of a japan in full cherry bloom or a little necklace for good fortune from ireland she would create a passage for the world to come throughall the way to my post box in northern sweden. over a decade later i am still just getting started to satisfy the curiousity i felt back then. i did my first solo trip at age 15 and nine years later it is still to flight ticket i put all my savings. 

i have always enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen and consider recipes to be a mere guideline, not a holy script! as pippi longstocking would say "you use whatever you have" - it is astonishing what you can make from a seemingly empty fridge! all my recipes are vegan and as you browse through i hope to inspire you to a greener life (do by no means be fooled thinking it is all raw vegetables - there is plentiful of things deep fried, chocolate covered and -- i mean,  i said green, not boring! ) and you will find that vegan food is both easy and tasty!

this blog is about //

the blog started back in 2014, having just returned from a 13-month trip. working an unfulfilling part-time job, i started sharing stories from the places i had been along with a collection of the food i cooked.

those are still the main ingredients, the food and the trips, but with the occasional DIY, review or ///.

Blogging for me is a way to incorporate my interests onto one platform and have fun with it. It always pushes me to go one step further, try one new thing, and one of the best parts of being able to look back in the archives is to see the development // in both style and ///.